Top picks for Conferences and Courses for Apartment Industry Professionals



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Marketing and leasing professionals: the conference not to be missed is AIM: Apartment Internet

It pretty much leaves all of the others in the dust. I attended AIM back in 2008 and was completely blown away. Back then myspace was still a thing and there was a place on facebook for free ads!  The speakers are not suppliers. They are landlords and managers sharing [with incredible honesty] their real experiences. If they are not sold out, you may still be able to make it to this year’s event May lst. If not, a must-do for next year.



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I’ve gushed about this seminar before, but I’ll say it again: Management Consultant Paul A. Douglas delivers a day of the most useful mind training you will ever experience and the one you will use most to boost your career. In his Memory for Management course Paul will teach you speak publicly without notes, remember dozens of names and faces after a single introduction [that segment of the course is worth the fee] as well as lists, phone numbers, dates and appointments without the use of your smart phone!




Skillpath offers a great on-line course [used to be classroom] called Dealing with Difficult People. I took it in class and highly recommend it for front line staff.  The session teaches practical techniques for defusing  or de-escalating difficult people/situations.

Tell us about your great learning experiences.