1. Never bring a prospect to an apartment that you have not previously inspected;
  2. Keep coats and large bags in office if possible;
  3.  Never warn a customer about the “housekeeping” of the existing tenant.   It is unprofessional to criticize an existing customer.  Never suggest to a prospect that they “use their imagination”;
  4.  Give notice for Saturday [or other busy day] even if there are no appointments;  Don’t forget to cancel.
  5.  Do not allow stragglers. If there is more than one person being shown the unit, do not allow them to split up while in the apartment [regardless of whether the             tenant is home]  “I’m going to ask you to please remain directly behind me.”
  6.  Thank tenant after showing and leave your business card;
  7.  Warn prospects in advance if there is a pet inside the apartment. They may have allergies.
  8.  Use booties before entering occupied apartments, especially in the winter.
  9.   Many cultures frown upon street shoes in their homes. Booties are faster than             removing shoes and boots;
  10.  Show respect for ethnic/cultural/religious beliefs when giving notice of appointments. Even outgoing tenants are potential sources of referrals.