Here are a few things from the apartment rental world that made me shake my head or slam on the brakes and snap a pic:

Funny 1

Don’t be planting the bean stock in front of your sign!

Funny 2

And humble, but I like it.

Funny 3

OK, let’s say it again: lose the Amaranth.

Funny 4

Someone who understands social media!

Economical Sign Design.jpg

Marketing budget slashed?



This was not garbage day. The bin was out all the time. Until I showed this at a GTAA Presentation!

Signs - Wentworth bad.jpg

Maybe those cameras can tell you who stole the phone number!

Signs - 5900 Bad one.jpg

Don’t worry. It’s just the sign that’s neglected.

Sign - Hard to spot

Advertising works better when you can see it.

Signs - Kingston Rd Can you see it?.jpg

Repeat, advertising works best when you can see it.